Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Being a successful Oaklands Student

What is your plan to ensure you have a successful and happy term?

Levi: To play fair in games like soccer by not doing slide tackles.
Riley: Be quiet on the floor and listen.
Samantha L: Help people if they get hurt and take them to the sick bay.
Tomasz: Check if someone is OK if they fall down in games like soccer.
Teiken: To respect the person who is talking, listen to the speaker.
Finn: Not to disrupt Mr Hillary and students on the floor.
Xanthe: Put my things on my table before 9:00. Be ready to learn.
Marcus: Be quiet during silent reading.
Jake: Respect other peoples business.
Thomas: Be nice to others and make sure they are alright.
Ivy: Help out around the class and stay at the agreed noise level.
Meadow: To remember to put my hat in my tote tray after breaks.
Monique: Play with my friends nicely and stay on task in class.
Samantha W: Remember to do my responsibilities if I volunteer.
Aaron: If someone has no one to play with, invite them to play
Loralie: To focus on my learning and aim high.
Michaela: To be considerate to others and help others if they get hurt.
Jack M: Be an active thinker everywhere in the school e.g. classroom/playground.
Scott: Respect others and pick people up if they fall over.
Ruby: To focus on my learning e.g. take my time and not rush.
Jack W: Play fair in games, don’t knock people over.
Polly: Try to include anyone if they want to play with us.
Ellie: To make sure everything is organised and I have a clean environment to learn in.
Isabella: To have a clean desk area and be organised.
Honor: Have a tidy environment so I don’t get in other peoples way.
Fletcher: To stay on task and not talk to others when I shouldn’t.
Ella: To drink more water so I don’t get frustrated with people around me.
Josh: Talk less especially on the floor during learning.

 Good Luck!!!

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