Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Tuesday Production (Kauri)

Thanks to all of the Room 10 children who performed last night. Both the cast and  'Respect' choir.

Great Community and Excellence demonstrated.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

School Production

Production: Saturday and Tuesday Performance

Children in Room 10 singing 'Respect' in the production on Saturday are asked to be at school by 11am in school uniform. We will be waiting in the classroom until we are called to sing. This will be approx 1pm.

On Tuesday, the children have been asked to be at school at 6pm in uniform. We will be performing approx 8pm.

Monday, October 20, 2014

School Jubilee (Labour Weekend)

Hi there

The Room 10 children will be performing the song 'Respect' at the school production on Saturday 25th October and Tuesday 28th October. The specific dates have been communicated on the last few school newsletters. If your child cannot come along, please email me by the end of the week.

Danny Hillary

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Being a successful Oaklands Student

What is your plan to ensure you have a successful and happy term?

Levi: To play fair in games like soccer by not doing slide tackles.
Riley: Be quiet on the floor and listen.
Samantha L: Help people if they get hurt and take them to the sick bay.
Tomasz: Check if someone is OK if they fall down in games like soccer.
Teiken: To respect the person who is talking, listen to the speaker.
Finn: Not to disrupt Mr Hillary and students on the floor.
Xanthe: Put my things on my table before 9:00. Be ready to learn.
Marcus: Be quiet during silent reading.
Jake: Respect other peoples business.
Thomas: Be nice to others and make sure they are alright.
Ivy: Help out around the class and stay at the agreed noise level.
Meadow: To remember to put my hat in my tote tray after breaks.
Monique: Play with my friends nicely and stay on task in class.
Samantha W: Remember to do my responsibilities if I volunteer.
Aaron: If someone has no one to play with, invite them to play
Loralie: To focus on my learning and aim high.
Michaela: To be considerate to others and help others if they get hurt.
Jack M: Be an active thinker everywhere in the school e.g. classroom/playground.
Scott: Respect others and pick people up if they fall over.
Ruby: To focus on my learning e.g. take my time and not rush.
Jack W: Play fair in games, don’t knock people over.
Polly: Try to include anyone if they want to play with us.
Ellie: To make sure everything is organised and I have a clean environment to learn in.
Isabella: To have a clean desk area and be organised.
Honor: Have a tidy environment so I don’t get in other peoples way.
Fletcher: To stay on task and not talk to others when I shouldn’t.
Ella: To drink more water so I don’t get frustrated with people around me.
Josh: Talk less especially on the floor during learning.

 Good Luck!!!