Thursday, December 19, 2013

Last day 2013 information

Room 10 swim at 9:45
Secret Santa
Final Assembly starts at 11:30
School closes at 12:30


Room 10/11 Swimming

Is now postponed until tomorrow morning.
Children will need togs/towel for the last day.


Thursday, December 12, 2013

Shared Lunch

This will happen on Thursday 19th December. The purpose will be to celebrate 2013 and farewell those students leaving Oaklands. The children will plan this on Tuesday next week.

Secret Santa

These are due to be in Room 10 by Wednesday 18th December.


Room 10 are booked in for swimming tomorrow at 12:00. Children need to come prepared.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Christmas trees

Christmas trees

Christmas trees

Christmas trees

Christmas trees

Christmas trees

Christmas trees

Christmas trees

Christmas trees

Cinquian Poems

Room 10 have been writing some Cinquain poems about the Gala and Dance

fun, spoilt
spending, running, buying
the performances were breathtaking
good times

by Nate

moves, smiles
clapping, cheering, enjoying
try to stay in time

by Rebecca

dancing, steaming
spending, riding, eating
sweating during the performance

by Cameron

happy, fun
spinning, hopping, jumping
heaps of older songs

by Jesse

hot, food
dancing, singing, eating
having a fun time

by Paige

Thursday, December 5, 2013


Room 10 will be swimming at 2:15 on Friday. Children need to come prepared.

Gala Performance

Key points

  • Children in Kapahaka go to Room 7 at 3:15 to collect uniforms.
  • Back at school by 4:00.
  • Room 10, performers meet in Room 10 at 4:15-4:20, changed or ready to get changed.
  • Room 10 will perform about 5:00-5:10.
  • Back to Room 10 to get changed into Gala clothes.
  • Choir go to the library after class performances, stay in your costume.

Monday, December 2, 2013

Room 10 Swimming

On Friday at 2:15, Room 10 is booked in for using the school pool. Children will be asked to bring togs and towel for the day.

Room 10 Speech/Story Telling Finals

Well Done to Jacqueline and Jayden, who will represent Room 10 in the Kauri Team finals tomorrow in the Hall. Starting at 9:10.

A mention to Emily, Nate and Cameron who made the Room 10 Finals today.

Good luck Jayden and Jacqueline!


High score this week: Cameron

Dress rehearsal

Dress rehearsal

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Dance Costume/Kit

The children have been asked to have their Dance Costume/Kit ready for dress rehearsal on Monday. Please discuss this with your child if you are unsure. They know this!

Monday, November 18, 2013

Friday, November 1, 2013

Persistence in Learning

Explain where you have had to Persist in learning, what did you do to be successful.

Jesse: Choir, I needed to learn the new songs, I watched the conductor carefully.
Shaeden: Cricket, I tried my hardest.
Emily: I enjoyed choir.
Melissa: Kapaphaka, we had to sing loudly.
Molly: Band, we had to do lots of songs.
Sophie: Choir, We had to stand up and sit down lots. In Touch I chased hard on defence.
Brayden: Maths assessment, I was happy to achieve 6a.

Friday, October 18, 2013

Excellence in Room 10 this week:

Sophie: I'm proud of completing my letter.
Rebecca: My Letter was finished after it ripped a few times.
Caitlean: My letter was awesome.
Lauren: My pen pal letter is good.
Mia: Athletics was fun and i made it over the bar in High Jump.
Dejohn: My pen pal letter to Charlie was successful.
Brayden: I am proud of making it over the high jump.
Emily: I'm proud of my effort in High Jump.
Cameron: I enjoyed all Athletics events
Shaeden: I'm proud of making it in the Cricket team
Cody: I was happy to make it to the cricket team.
Jak: I'm proud of completing my Wanted poster.
Nate: I'm proud of completing my letter with lots of effort.
Jayden: My letter was great, i finished and focussed.
Molly/Abigail: I kept my hat on all day for Fancy hat day.
Jasmine: I'm proud of making a Touch team.
Reuben: I was happy with my effort in High Jump.
Nick: I achieved the record in the class for long jump.
Luke: I enjoyed doing Athletics for Fitness.
Brad:  I enjoyed Athletics.
Rowan: I enjoyed completing my published letter.
Virginia: I'm proud of making the A Cricket team.
Melissa/Olivia: I am happy because i completed my letter.
Jesse: I'm proud of completing my letter, it was successful.
Paige: I'm proud of my effort in Sprints.

Pen pal writing

Pen pal writing