Friday, September 5, 2014

The Elgregoe Show

On Thursday the 4th of September, Oaklands School had a great opportunity to watch the great ELGREGOE show perform. The performance was incredible because of all the tricks and illusions he did. The main part involved parrots. They were very cute and well trained. Some of the kids had the opportunity to go and help him on stage. His message he wanted to put out there, was to not bully others. I was happy to see the show.

By Ivy

On Thursday the 4th of September at 9:10am, Room 10 and other classes went to the school hall to watch the Elgregoe Show. There were lots of great illusions and his magic was great. He was also teaching us about being trustworthy, caring, respectful, accepting and responsible.
My favourite trick was Nikko the puppet, because he always messed up the nursery rhyme. In 'Little Jack Horner' he said he pulled out a cockroach. Everyone laughed and it was funny. That's why Nikko the puppet was the best.

By Finn

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