Friday, October 18, 2013

Excellence in Room 10 this week:

Sophie: I'm proud of completing my letter.
Rebecca: My Letter was finished after it ripped a few times.
Caitlean: My letter was awesome.
Lauren: My pen pal letter is good.
Mia: Athletics was fun and i made it over the bar in High Jump.
Dejohn: My pen pal letter to Charlie was successful.
Brayden: I am proud of making it over the high jump.
Emily: I'm proud of my effort in High Jump.
Cameron: I enjoyed all Athletics events
Shaeden: I'm proud of making it in the Cricket team
Cody: I was happy to make it to the cricket team.
Jak: I'm proud of completing my Wanted poster.
Nate: I'm proud of completing my letter with lots of effort.
Jayden: My letter was great, i finished and focussed.
Molly/Abigail: I kept my hat on all day for Fancy hat day.
Jasmine: I'm proud of making a Touch team.
Reuben: I was happy with my effort in High Jump.
Nick: I achieved the record in the class for long jump.
Luke: I enjoyed doing Athletics for Fitness.
Brad:  I enjoyed Athletics.
Rowan: I enjoyed completing my published letter.
Virginia: I'm proud of making the A Cricket team.
Melissa/Olivia: I am happy because i completed my letter.
Jesse: I'm proud of completing my letter, it was successful.
Paige: I'm proud of my effort in Sprints.

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